Information for faculty

​Mission Mode Projects
The Centre of Excellence in Oil, Gas, and Energy at IIT Bombay envisages to develop technology interventions in consortium mode with PSUs to address future challenges in the oil, gas, and energy sector. To facilitate this, various projects in ​ mission mode will be undertaken. These projects will aim at developing and delivering technologies related to present and future issues of the PSUs taking from the lab to implementation-ready stage with the core teams that will consist of faculty from IIT Bombay, and representatives from at least two relevant PSUs. These projects will be funded through the Centre’s budget.

These mission mode projects should be submitted to the PIC of CoE-OGE (​ pic.coeoge [at]​ ) with a copy to Office CoE OGE (​ office.admin.coeoge [at] ). It will be reviewed by a panel of internal and/or external experts. The PI along with the co-PIs from IITB and the collaborating PSUs need to give a presentation to this experts panel. The project will be discussed and considered for approval in the Advisory Committee of CoE-OGE based on the recommendations from the experts panel.


​Seed Projects
In order to develop these mission mode projects, ‘​ Seed Projects​ ’ ​ may be proposed in the format given below. Representatives from the concerned PSUs would work jointly with the PI’s and Co-PI’s from IIT Bombay and work for preparing detailed proposals outlining the objectives, detailed deliverables, timeline, budget, and implementation process of the mission mode project. The seed project will mainly include budget for manpower, travel and contingencies. Duration of the seed projects identified will be for a period of three to six months. The ​ deliverable of the seed projects will be a Detailed Project Proposal (DPP) for mission mode projects​.

The seed projects should be submitted to the PIC of CoE-OGE. It will be discussed and processed in the Advisory Committee for Approval.


Fellowship projects
The main objective of this fellowship scheme is to create an ambience where PSUs and academia collaborate and develop scientific and technological human resources in mutually interested areas through technology development for problems faced by Oil and Gas PSUs. At the same time, this will open-up new opportunities for faculty members to interact with PSU personnel and help in exchanging knowledge and experience between industry and academia. The possible benefits to IITB are exposure to industrial problems, experience in technology development, implementation and commercialization, and improving the employment opportunities for the students.

Faculty members of IIT Bombay may send proposals in the attached format to CoE-OGE to avail TAP PhD positions under them with fellowships and research grants through CoE-OGE. The Research Scholars supported through CoE OGE are expected to do research with Oil and Gas PSUs for addressing PSUs’ problems and develop technology solutions.

The details of this scheme are given below:

  1. The list of possible topics based on the inputs from PSUs may be accessed at the following link. Any other topic relevant to PSUs for Oil and Gas sector can be suggested. The topic of research should have practical relevance and industrial application in Oil and Gas PSUs.
  2. The faculty along with the selected PhD student is supposed to do research on a collaborative mode with the PSU/s. The proposed research project should have a co-guide from Oil and Gas PSU/s or other related institutes. In addition, there may be an expert from PSUs and/or faculty from CoE-OGE as an invited member on RPC. If needed, the student may spend some part of the time during his/her studentship in the collaborating PSU.
  3. To secure the mutual interests on IP rights and NDA, the collaborating PSU and IITB may enter into appropriate agreements, as per the IRCC’s process before commencing the research work.
  4. The selected candidate will be given fellowship for 3 years. It may be further extended by maximum 2 more years if required. The guide may also apply for a research grant upto Rupees Three Lakhs for computers, softwares, small equipment, travel to PSU/s, etc. over the complete period of the fellowship.
  5. The PhD scholars under this TAP scheme will be selected through the normal selection process of the concerned department.
  6. The sponsored students will be involved in related work for CoEOGE, like organizing meetings, seminars or workshops in the related field as and when required. This will help the student in connecting to the PSUs and also getting a better idea of the Oil and Gas sector.
  7. The faculty already proposing or having a mission project with CoEOGE are discouraged from applying for this fellowship scheme. Instead, they are encouraged to include it in their mission project.

Interested faculty may send their ideas to PIC of CoE-OGE (pic.coeoge [at] with cc to office.coeoge [at] with a short description of the project proposal with clearly defined objectives and deliverables as per the attached format (please refer below) at the earliest. The proposal will be reviewed and the acceptance of the proposal will be informed to the respective faculty. Accordingly the faculty will select a candidate through the normal selection process of the concerned department of the faculty.

Proposal format to be sent by IIT Bombay faculty for PhD fellowship through CoE-OGE

  1. PhD topic (title):
  2. Name of the Faculty as Guide (+ Co-guide, if any) & Department:
  3. Name of external Co-Guide/s from the related PSU/s & the name of the PSU/s: (At least
  4. one Co-Guide from Oil/Gas PSU is necessary)
  5. Problem statement: (Brief description)
  6. Objectives: (Bullet points)
  7. Proposed methodology: (Detailed description)
  8. Proposed deliverables: (Bullet points)