Working Groups

The working groups (WG) with representatives from both IITB and PSUs may be formed to act as think tanks for some of the thematic research areas of CoEOGE, on the need basis. The main responsibility of a WG is to identify the present status of technology developments, the current trends in the industry/market and the future needs of research and developments with specific targets in that particular thematic area. The WG will provide suggestions regarding strategizing the research in the related areas from time to time. Initially it may work on an approach paper and present this to the Executive Committee and/or Advisory Committee to take up research projects in the mission mode or through other functional channels. The projects or targets may be categorized into short (2-3 years)/medium (3-5 years) or long term (6-10 years). The support in terms of technical/research staff will be provided to develop this kind of an Approach Paper on the need basis.

The WG concept is being piloted for the thematic area of “Pipelines in oil and gas Industries”.

Presently active list of working groups: