Mission Mode Projects

The Centre of Excellence in Oil, Gas, and Energy at IIT Bombay envisages to develop technology interventions in consortium mode with PSUs to address future challenges in the oil, gas, and energy sector. To facilitate this, various projects in mission mode will be undertaken. These projects will aim at developing and delivering technologies related to present and future issues of the PSUs taking from lab to implementation-ready stage with the core teams that will consist of faculty from IIT Bombay, and representatives from minimum two relevant PSUs.
Sr. No. Title PIs from IITB PIs from PSU
1 Portable membrane technology based unit for drilling site wastewater treatment PIs: Prof. Swatantra Pratap Singh
Co-PIs: Prof. Tabish Nawaz
Mr. R K Raigar (ONGC), Mr. Diganta Kumar Borah (OIL)
2 Integrated reservoir characterization of Eocene Hydrocarbon- bearing carbonates of Mukta Field of HPB sector, Bombay Offshore Basin PIs: Prof. Kumar Hemant Singh
Co-PIs: Prof. Sudipta Dasgupta, Prof. Santanu Banerjee
Dr. Dharmendra Kumar Gogoi (OIL), Mr. B. S. Haldia (ONGC)
3 Simultaneous Nitrification and Denitrification for Nitrogen Removal from Refinery Wastewater PIs: Prof. Suparna Mukherji
Co-PIs: Prof. Anurag Garg
Dr. Manoj Upreti (IOCL), Mr. Ashok Kumar (HPCL), Ms. R. V. Sreevidya (EIL)
4 Design and development of IoT solution for underwater pipeline inspection PIs: Prof. Leena Vacchani
Co-PIs: Prof. Hemendra Arya
Mr. Anil Kumar Dr. Ajay Krishnan (HPCL), Mr. Deepak Kumar & Agarwal Mr. Anurag (IOCL)
5 Developing an Open Source Simulator for Refinery Operations PIs: Prof. Kannan Moudgalya
Co-PIs: Prof. Rajdip Bandyopadhyaya
Mr. Kanuparthy, N. Raja & Mr. Sairam (HPCL), Mr. Rakesh Vankayala & Mr. Bhanwar Singh (BPCL)
6 An embedded structural health monitoring system for long-range monitoring of pipelines using torsional guided wave ultrasonics and acoustic emission sensing PIs: Prof.Siddharth Tallur
Co-PIs: Prof. Sauvik Banerjee
Mr. Lalit Kumar Maurya & Mr. Nandakumar T. (GAIL), Mr. Raj Yashartha & Mr. Paramartha Purkait (EIL), Mr. Q Amir (IOCL)
7 Development of a bimodular CCUS technology based on bio- inspired CO2 activating catalysts PIs: Prof. Arnab Dutta
Co-PIs: Prof. Debabrata Maiti, Prof. Vikram Vishal
Dr. Ajay Arora (IOCL), Dr. G. Valavarasu & Dr. Kotni Santhosh (HPCL), Mr. Nitin Mohan Chautre & Mr. Balaji Lakavath (EIL)
8 Tool chain for oil and gas pipeline monitoring (Drones for Pipeline Surveillance) PIs: Prof. Hemendra Arya
Co-PIs: Prof. Arnab Maity, Prof. Arpita Sinha
Mr. Deepak Kumar Agrawal (IOCL) , Mr. Anil Mathew & Dr. Ajay Krishanan (HPCL) , Mr. Lalit Kumar Maurya & Mr. Nandakumar T (GAIL)
9 Fluoride-rich Interlayers for Anodeless Solid-State Batteries PIs: Prof. Srinivasan Ramakrishnan
Co-PIs: Prof. Amartya Mukhopadhyay
Dr. K. Narayanan (HPCL), Mr. Nandakumar T. (GAIL)
10 Development of Co-free/less high voltage Ni-containing Li- transition metal oxide based cathode materials (i.e., Li-NMC and beyond) for Li-ion batteries PIs: Prof. Amartya Mukhopadhyay
Co-PIs: Prof. Srinivasan Ramakrishnan
Dr. Veena Yadav (IOCL), Dr. K. Narayanan (HPCL), Mr. Nandakumar T. (GAIL), Dr. Nivedita Bhattacharya (EIL)
11 Integrated Monitoring System for Offshore Assets: A Pilot-scale physical oceanographic measurements off Western offshore region of India PIs: Prof. Balaji Ramakrishnan
Co-PIs: Prof. Srineash V K
Mr. Bhaskara Mandalika (EIL), Mr. S. Karunanithi (IEOT ONGC), Mr. Praveen Bhat(IEOT ONGC)
12 Estimation of CO2 storage potential in select hydrocarbon fields of North-East India based on an integrated risk-assessment-and-management framework PIs: Prof. Vikram Vishal
Co-PIs: Prof. Sudipta Dasgupta, Prof. Anand Singh, Prof. Santanu Banerjee
Dr. Neeraj Mathur (OIL), Ms. Barnali Tokhi (BPRL), Mr. Arnab Nag (BPRL)
13 Decarbonization of Petrochemical, Gas Processing, and Petroleum Refineries: Technology evaluation and life cycle assessment PIs: Prof. Yogendra Shastri
Co-PIs: Prof. Anish Modi
Mr. Anand Acharya (GAIL), Ms. Rupal Tyagi (GAIL)
14 Materials and Interface Engineering for Long Cycle Life Sodium - Sulfur Batteries PIs: Prof. Srinivasan Ramakrishnan
Co-PIs: Prof. Amartya Mukhopadhyay
Dr. Krishnanmurthy Narayanan (HPCL), Dr. Veena Yadav (IOCL), Mr. T. Nandakumar (GAIL)
15 Integrated Plasma- Catalytic system for Direct Conversion of Methane to Olefins PIs: Prof. Sonali Das
Co-PIs: Prof. Sanjay Mahajani
Mr. Rahul Sharma (GAIL), Dr. Chanchal Samanta (BPCL) & Mr. T. Nandakumar (BPCL)
16 Development of high energy storage thin film and printed lithium-ion battery PIs: Prof. Dipti Gupta
Co-PIs: Prof. Amartya Mukhopadhyay
Mr. Pankaj Sinha & Mr. T. Nandakumar (GAIL), Dr. Chanchal Samanta (BPCL)
17 Development of cheap base metal catalysts for CO2 hydrogenation to value-added chemicals and fuels PIs: Prof. Debabrata Maiti
Co-PIs: Prof. Amartya Mukhopadhyay
Dr. Alex C Pulikottil (IOCL), Dr. Chanchal Samanta (BPCL), Mr. Vijay Yalaga (EIL)
18 Early-Stage Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) and Techno-economic Assessment (TEA) of E-fuel Pathways for Technology Prioritisation and Performance Targeting PIs: Prof. Yogendra Shastri
Co-PIs: Prof. Anish Modi
Dr. Chanchal Samanta (BPCL), Dr. Valavarasu (HPCL), Mr. Rahul Sharma & Mr. Nandakumar (GAIL)
19 Optimizing the catalyst performance for carbon dioxide hydrogenation to methanol: A combined experimental and computational study PIs: Prof. Ojus Mohan
Co-PIs: Prof. Sanjay Mahajani
Mr. Rajesh Yadav & Mr. Nandakumar T (GAIL), Dr. Chanchal Samanta (BPCL), Mr. M Sirajuddin (IOCL)
20 High-resolution sequence stratigraphic interpretations of Cretaceous succession of Jaisalmer Basin and its implication for reservoir characterization PIs: Prof. Santanu Banerjee
Co-PIs: Prof. Jahnavi Punekar, Prof. Sudipta Dasgupta
Dr. Anil Kaul & Mr. Snehasis Chakrabarty (ONGC-KDMIPE), Mr. Arnab Nag (BPCL- BPRL), Mr. Farzan Ahmed (OIL)