Research Projects

The Centre of Excellence in Oil, Gas, and Energy at IIT Bombay envisages to develop technology interventions in consortium mode with PSU’s to address future challenges in oil, gas, and energy sector. To facilitate this, various projects in mission mode will be undertaken. Apart from the projects in mission mode, the research projects initiated by PSUs as well as ideas proposed by IIT- B faculty are also important for the sector. The Centre will facilitate the process for such projects by organizing meetings and interactions between PSUs and IITB faculty. 

Centers initiatives for Research and development:
1) Joint R&D interactions in relevant areas and topics for collaborative research considering the industry needs and research strengths of IITB faculty
2) Sharing of research facilities between IITB and the PSUs
3) Dissemination/showcasing IITB research for the oil and gas companies
4) Licensing of technologies developed at IITB, of use to the oil and gas companies

Centers research projects related activities:
1) Research projects in mission mode
2) Seed projects
3) Organization of workshops for project identification and team development
4) Research projects initiated by PSUs
5) Research projects initiated by faculty