Conclave Session 1

Enhancing the Sustainable Oil & Gas Production from Indian Reserves

Date & Time: 29th November 2021; 3:00 pm to 6:00 pm

Venue: Online Mode

The details of the session can be seen in the following table:

Sr No Topics Speakers Time Recorded Videos
 1 Welcome and Introduction  (10 min) Prof. Shireesh Kedare (PiC CoE-OGE) & Prof. K Vasudevan (Earth Sciences, IITB) 3:00 pm - 3:10 pm Welcome 
 2 Keynote Address: Sustainable Hydrocarbon exploration and production from Indian Basins: Future Focus (30min) Dr. N K Verma (Former Director E ONGC, MD, OVL) 3:10 pm - 3:40 pm Keynote Address
 3 Presentation: EOR techniques in context with CO2 (30min) Mr. Pinakdhar Mohapatra (Former Director E Cairn Vedanta) 3:40 pm - 4:10 pm Presentation
 4 Presentation: Enhanced Seismic Imaging: a Key for Advance Reservoir Management for sustainable production (30min) Shri.USD Pandey (Former Executive Director, Chief Geophysical services) 4:10 pm - 4:40 pm Presentation
 5 Presentation: Gas Hydrates (55 min) Dr.Timothy S Collett (Senior Scientist Central Energy Resources Science Center, USGS) 4:40 pm - 5:35 pm (Local Time: 3:40 am - 4:35 am) Colorado USA Presentation
 6 Presentation: Role of AI /ML in upstream industry: AI and ML techniques in Advanced reservoir characterization (30 min) Dr. Satyam Priyadarshy (Chief Data Scientist at Halliburton, NYSE: HAL) 5:35 pm - 6:05 pm (Local Time: 7:35 am - 8:05 am) Virginia, US Presentation



Organizing Committee:

Chair - Prof. Santanu Banerjee (Earth Sciences, IITB)

Members -

Prof. Ravindra Gudi (Chemical, IITB)

Prof. Sanjay Mahajani (Chemical, IITB)

Shri K Vasudevan (Earth Sciences, IITB)

Dr. Neeraj Mathur (OIL)

Shri Vikas Pandey (ONGC)

Dr. C  Laxma Reddy (Exploration, DGH)