PhD Fellowship

The main objective of this fellowship scheme is to create an ambience where PSUs and academia collaborate and develop scientific and technological human resources in mutually interested areas through technology development for problems faced by Oil and Gas PSUs. At the same time, this will open-up new opportunities for faculty members to interact with PSU personnel and help in exchanging knowledge and experience between industry and academia. The possible benefits to IITB are exposure to industrial problems, experience in technology development, implementation and commercialization, and improving the employment opportunities for the students.

Faculty members of IIT Bombay may send proposals in the attached format to CoE-OGE to avail TAP PhD positions under them with fellowships and research grants through CoE-OGE. The Research Scholars supported through CoE OGE are expected to do research with Oil and Gas PSUs for addressing PSUs’ problems and develop technology solutions.
Sr. No. Title Guide/Co-Guide from IITB Guide/Co-Guide from PSU
1 Development of Deposition (Ink) Chemistry for Large Area Printable Perovskite Devices: Aiming for R2R applications Prof. Shaibal K Sarkar
Dr. Narayanan Krishnamurthy (HPCL)
2 Investigations on the Geomechanical Properties of the Hydrate Bearing Sediments during Dissociation (Depressurization and CH4-CO2 Replacement) Prof. D N Singh
Prof. Sanjay Mahjani
Dr. D. K. Rajeev Nambiar (EIL)
3 Evaluation of Pitch Combustion in Solid and Liquid form Prof. Sudarshan Kumar
K. N. Raja (HPCL)
4 Mechanistic understanding of organic additives through molecular modelling for cleaner and efficient combustion (in IC engines) Prof. Neeraj Kumbhkarna
Prof. Sudarshan Kumar
Dr. Sandip Bhowmik (HPCL)
5 Solution thermodynamics of gas hydrate systems in the presence of inhibitors at conditions of interest to oil & gas industry: A molecular simulation approach Prof. Ateeque Malani
Prof. Jhumpa Adhikari
Dr. J P Das (OIL)
6 Geothermal Energy Extraction from Abandoned Oil and Gas Wells (AOGS) Prof. D N Singh
Prof. Sandip Kumar Saha
Dr. Neeraj Mathur (OIL)
7 Effect of injecting chemical on bulk and interfacial rheology of waxy crude oil Prof. Lalit Kumar
Dr. Neeraj Mathur (OIL)
8 Modeling of wax deposition on transporting pipelines with and without chemical injection Prof. Lalit Kumar
Dr. Neeraj Mathur (OIL)
9 Nanocomposite materials for coating to avoid bio fouling and corrosion mitigation Prof. S. Parida
Dr. Narayanan Krishnamurthy (HPCL)
10 Combined theoretical and experimental development of novel adsorption based hydrogen storage material at ambient temperature with reversible desorption characteristics Prof. Abhijit Chatterjee
Mr. T A Rajivkumar (IOCL)
11 Detection of Damage in Pipes using Ultrasonic Guided Waves Prof. Nitesh P. Yelve
Dr. Ajay Krishnan M (IOCL)
12 Simulation of Enhanced Heavy Oil Recovery using CO2 Sequestration Prof. D N Singh
Mr. Jayanta Phukan (OIL)
13 Understanding the thermodynamics for economical methane production from gas hydrate reservoirs using CO2 injection Prof. Jhumpa Adhikari
Dr. Samik Kumar Hait (IOCL)
14 Near-Zero liquid discharge (NZLD) and sludge management through membrane technology for drill site and produced wastewater of Oil and Gas Industries Prof. Swatantra Pratap Singh
Prof. Tabish Nawaz
Mr. Rajendra Kumar Raigar (ONGC)
15 Investigation of flow-deformation attributes of gas hydrate bearing sediments from Krishna-Godavari Basin, India Prof. Vikram Vishal
Mr. Gaurav Dixit (ONGC)
16 Development of Treatment Scheme for Spent Caustic to Promote Resource Recovery Prof. Anurag Garg
Prof. Tabish Nawaz
Dr. Manoj Upreti (IOCL)
17 Design of a Robotic Vehicle Refuelling System Prof. Anirban Guha
Prof. Arpita Sinha
To be nominated (IOCL)