Water and wastewater management in oil and gas sector

No of Participants
PSUs Involved
  • BPCL
  • HPCL
  • GAIL
  • ONGC

A workshop on 'Water and Waste water management in the oil and gas sector' was organized jointly by Indian Institute of Technology Bombay (IITB) and Engineers India Limited (EIL), on 11th January 2020 (Saturday) at IIT Bombay. The objective of the joint workshop was to Identify a set of joint research projects in consultation with the oil and gas public sector units. The workshop was attended by around 60 participants which included representatives from 4 PSUs (BPCL, GAIL, HPCL and ONGC) and Centre for High Technology (CHT). In addition, there were significant participants from various departments of IIT Bombay and EIL. There were three technical sessions in the workshop which were followed by a brainstorming session. In the first session, representatives from BPCL, GAIL, HPCL and ONGC discussed their existing water and wastewater management practices and highlighted the challenges or pain areas related to overall water management. In the second session, experts from EIL made presentations on the technologies developed by them for oil companies and refineries. They also highlighted the gaps, challenges and potential areas of research. In the third session, IITB faculty members presented their research on the specific related topics. Based on the discussion in various sessions, a list of potential projects (short as well as long term) was prepared in consultation with all stakeholders during the brainstorming session. In each of the projects, different PSUs expressed their interest based on the nature of issues. The minutes of the workshop with the list of identified projects was sent to all the PSUs. CoE OGE is now receiving research proposals on these identified projects from the interested faculty groups.